Supported Data Types

Datawisp supports a range of data types, including files, databases, and blockchain sources. The list of supported data types and sources is constantly expanding, so if you don’t see one you’re looking for, definitely contact us - we can add support for types fairly quickly.

File import

Supported file formats are JSON, CSV, TSV and Excel. File size limit: 250 MB

Google Sheets

Using a link to Google Sheet, you can import sheets up to 10 MB in size.


You can easily connect a database to Datawisp to analyze the data, allowing your infrastructure to power the computation within Datawisp blocks and sheets.

Through “Remote Querying”, data from larger and more complex databases can be brought directly into Datawisp for comprehensive analysis and visualization.


  • Database must be reachable (not behind firewall)

  • Only connect via a database user with read-only access

  • All tables in the database will be available in Datawisp. At this time there is no way to exclude on a table-by-table basis, though this feature may be added in the future.

  • Tables will appear as options in Source blocks

NoSQL Databases: MongoDB

You can import a dataset from MongoDB and see all associated tables in Datawisp. Remote querying is not available for MongoDB.


Datawisp comes pre-packaged with transaction and pricing information for coins and NFTS on 5 different blockchains: Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, Arbitrum, and Avalanche.

This data is available to all Datawisp users (even during free-trial) in the "Blockchain" section of the Datawisp provided data. To use it, create a new sheet, and navigate to it in the Data Source block.

Additionally, we support importing program data from the Solana blockchain directly:

Solana Features

Datawisp lets users import data for a particular program (using program address) or NFT collection (using token address).

If your program uses an Anchor on-chain IDL, you should select this option when importing the data. Otherwise, you’ll need to select Custom IDL and copy / paste your IDL.

Datawisp also supports importing SPL Governance Tokens.

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