Summarize & Group

Summarize & Group is perhaps Datawisp’s most powerful block, giving the ability to count rows, make groups, calculate summary statistics, and much more. By default, no groups or calculations are selected, so Summarize & Group simply counts the number of rows coming into the block.

Group Data By allows the selection of subgroups. Similar to a SQL Group By statement, any number of columns can be selected and, by default, the counts in those subgroup combinations will be generated. With a single group selected (ex. Primary Fur Color) the count column now shows the number of rows (squirrels) of each Primary Fur Color. Note that the sum of each of these groups would be equal to the original 3,032 above.

When multiple groups are selected, this further breaks down the groups as seen below.

To add a Value to calculate in addition to just count, additional columns can be chosen here as well. Min, max, sum, and avg of numeric features can be calculated for each group selected. Used together, these summary statistics can summarize large datasets by consolidating them into a few meaningful rows.

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