Data Source

The data source block is the beginning of analysis. Once your data is imported in or connected to Datawisp, it can be accessed in a Data Source block via the default Data I’ve Imported option in the Data set dropdown.

Once a you’ve selected a Data set, clicking on the block will generate a data preview in the lower part of your screen. You’ll have the ability to see a preview of the data in any block going forward in your analysis by simply selecting the block.

In addition to the default Data I’ve Imported option of the Get data from dropdown, there are also some less common options.

Import new data: This takes you to the data import tool as seen here, allowing you to connect a new data source.

Datawisp Data: Perform analysis on the default sample datasets Datawisp provides

Data from another sheet: Reference a named table built previously in another Datawisp sheet

Manually input data: Input data for your analysis manually in a spreadsheet interface.

Generate a series of numbers:

Create data by selecting a starting point, end point, and step size.

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